Sunroom Solutions


Our Customers Are Our Best Compliment,

Our sunroom is our favourite renovation! We enjoy the additional space without the interruption of any insects! Even after four years of harsh Canadian winters are sunroom is still in perfect condition.
Nancy Morandin

We ordered windows and a door from Sunroom Solutions for our cottage porch. The product arrived quickly and was exactly as described. My husband and his friend found them simple to install in an afternoon and we have been enjoying bug free dining and lounging ever since. I especially love the ability to open them fully or partially, according to the weather and appreciate being able to slide them fully shut to protect furniture from the elements in bad weather or during the colder months. We were surprised when we were able to enjoy coffee in our sunroom one sunny February morning. We plan to use this product again for a project in our new home because of its exceptional versatility. Thank you Sunroom Solutions!

Jason and Tanya Huehn

Sunroom Solutions provided us with a fantastic product. We had searched for an alternative for our screened in room and these Non-Glass windows were perfect. We can now enjoy our screened room 3 seasons of the year and we even use it at Christmas with a small space heater. We had considered using glass but it didn’t give us the flexibility of opening the room up to the outdoors. We love the breeze that the windows can offer without the annoyance of bugs!

Barra Lalande

We absolutely LOVE this product! My husband installed the system with no issues. We practically live in this room throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, and often call it “our happy place”. We even use it in the winter when entertaining family and friends for the holidays. My kids love reading in this room; protected from the elements and my cat now gets a taste of the outdoors on a daily basis without actually stepping outside! We also love to watch the deer and fireflies at night and we have front row seats to a good storm! As a Realtor, I know this product will increase the value of any home and at such a competitive price point, it’s a no brainer! I have recommended this product many times and will continue to do so going forward.
Miranda O’Sullivan


We purchased these windows at lookout Lumber in Plevna Ontario and absolutely LOVE them. They truly turned the room into more than a three season room, with the fireplace and heated tile floor we even use it on winter days.
Gary Gibbons


This window system is absolutely amazing! It has transformed our back deck from a seldom used space , to an area that we gravitate to, morning, noon and night… We are bug free, shaded from the sun, and the breezes blow through because of the ability to get maximum ventilation. Our only regret, is that we did not do it sooner.
Pat and Anne Hull


Sunroom Solution provided us with a fantastic sunroom. Our product was delivered on time and the sizing was exactly what we had ordered. My son quickly installed the windows without any trouble. We thoroughly enjoy the sunroom as it offers shade on hot days and protection from bad weather.  I would highly recommend products from Sunroom Solutions to my friends and family.
Doreen McDonough

We installed your windows for an atrium, which faces onto Lake Erie, and the windows are really great. They cut the wind when there is a strong breeze, they keep out the rain and when they are fully open they give an amazing uninterrupted view of the lake. We have been looking for something like this for many years. A great product so far!

Rosemary Russell

My name is Rob, my wife (Robin) and I have installed Sunroom Solutions Non-Glass windows in our covered deck. We were looking to turn our deck into a 3 season room and were undecided on how to do this without giving up ventilation and still being able to see our dogs running around in the backyard. We saw a house being renovated, that had a unique looking all in one screen/window system installed on their deck. I started doing some research on the internet and found your website Sunroom Solutions with the exact product we were looking for. I contacted your sales department via e-mail and received a reply the next day. Brett Erickson from the Kitchener plant was quick to send me a quote (very affordable) of the the windows I supplied him dimensions for and also told me who the local retailer was that I could order from. Within 3 weeks I received my order exactly to the dimensions I supplied.

Thank-You Sunroom Solutions for manufacturing this product.
Rob & Robin Sands

I was very pleased with your product. It was easy to install and is easy to operate. I would recommend these windows to others. I purchased these from Prout’s building centre in Forest Ontario.

Thank you.
Louis Desjardine


Summers may not nearly be long enough in Ontario, but Sunroom Solutions is the perfect way to extend them. It’s amazing how this product can turn your covered outdoors living space into a breezy, bug-free, four seasons sanctuary. We’ve looked around, but have yet to find a product that offers a better combination of quality, durability and value. Highly recommended!
Baljit Johal