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Nancy Morandin

Our sunroom is our favourite renovation! We are able to enjoy the additional space without the interruption of any insects! 

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Barra Lalande

Sunroom Solutions provided us with a fantastic product.  We had searched for an alternative for our screened in room and these Non-Glass windows were perfect.  We can now enjoy our screened room 3 seasons of the year and we even

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Gary Gibbons

We purchased these windows at lookout Lumber in Plevna Ontario and absolutely LOVE them. They truly turned the room into more than a three season room, with the fireplace and heated tile floor we even use it on winter days.

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Doreen McDonough

Sunroom Solution provided us with a fantastic sunroom.  Our product was delivered on time and the sizing was exactly what we had ordered.  My son quickly installed the windows without any trouble.  We thoroughly enjoy our sunroom as it offers my

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Rosemary Russell

We installed your windows for an atrium, which faces onto Lake Erie, and the windows are really great.  They cut the wind when there is a strong breeze, they keep out the rain and when they are fully open they

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Rob & Robin Sands

My name is Rob, my wife (Robin) and I have installed Sunroom Solutions Non-Glass windows in our covered deck. We were looking to turn our deck into a 3 season room and were undecided on how to do this without

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Louis Desjardine

I was very pleased with your product.  It was easy to install and is easy to operate.  I would recommend these windows to others.  I purchased these from Prout’s building centre in Forest Ontario. Thank you.

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