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Vinyl Pane Horizontal Sliders

Whether you are converting an existing screen porch or adding a new structure to your home or cottage our Quick Shield windows are a simple solution to help you transform your space into a beautiful 3 season retreat.

Our vinyl windows provide up to 70% ventilation with maximum versatility. Horizontal Sliders are simple to operate and are custom made to fit a large variety of openings.  Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frames surround our sliding window panes.  Our light weight windows feature durable weather-resistant vinyl panes that can slide to the left or right with ease.  These windows can be easily removed transforming your enclosure into a 100% screened room.  The Horizontal Sliders also include a latch to lock windows closed when needed.

Vinyl pane windows are an innovative and less expensive alternative to glass.  The durability of the vinyl is unsurpassed.  The flexible vinyl can withstand many disturbances, kicking, punching etc.  If the vinyl becomes distorted it will return to its original shape after a few minutes.  In the event of a tear in your vinyl, a replacement piece can be inexpensively purchased and easily repaired.  This innovative product is ideal for those who have children or live near a golf course.


• Light weight for easy operation, simply slide windows
Locking Latch

• Powder coated aluminum frames with 10 mil vinyl panes
• Slide windows to the left or right for 70% ventilation
• Remove vinyl panes completely for 100% ventilation
• Close windows for protection from the elements
• Vertical latch offers the ability to locks windows closed when needed
• Vinyl pane colours – clear, smoke grey and bronze
• Frame colours – white, bronze and driftwood (driftwood available only for outside mount)
• Outside mount available with screen installed

Sizes Available

• 2 Sliding Window Panels – Min size 24″ x 24″ or Max size 108″ x 108″
• 3 or 4 Sliding Window Panels – Min Size 90″(w) x 48″ (h) or Max size 204″(w) x 96″ (h)
(Contact us for sizes larger or smaller than the above dimensions)

        2 Sliding Panels                         3 Sliding Panels                                             4 Sliding Panels    


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