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Vinyl Pane Vertical Sliders

Vinyl pane windows are an innovative and less expensive alternative to glass.  Our 3-season windows are custom ordered to fit a wide range of sizes.

Heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frames surround our sliding window panels.  Our lightweight windows feature durable weather-resistant vinyl panes that can be raised or lowered with ease.  These window panels can also be easily removed transforming your enclosure into a screened room.

The durability of the vinyl panels is unsurpassed and can withstand many disturbances.  If the vinyl becomes distorted it returns to its original shape in seconds.  In the event of a tear in your vinyl, a replacement piece can be inexpensively purchased and easily repaired.


• Lightweight for easy operation, simply slide windows
• Powder-coated aluminum frames with 10 mil vinyl panes
• Slide windows up to the top or down to the bottom for up to 75% ventilation
• Remove vinyl panes completely for 100% ventilation
• Close windows for protection from wind, rain snow, insects, dust and allergens
• Spring loaded frames are ideal for easily removing the window panes
• Vinyl pane colours – clear, smoke grey and bronze
• Aluminum frame colours – white, bronze, driftwood, black and custom colours
• All sizes are custom ordered

Sizes Available

All Custom Sizes
• Single section   = Up to 72″ wide x 120″ high (some sizes within may not be available)
• Double section = Up to 120″ wide x 108″ high (some sizes within may not be available)
• Triple section   = Up to 144″ wide x 84″ high
(Contact us for sizes larger or smaller than the above dimensions)


Width of Windows

Single Section            Double Section                                    Triple Section

Height of Windows

         2 Panes                            3 Panes                                   4 Panes
24″-42″ in height                42″-56″ in height                56″ in height and above


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