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How To Install Vertical Sliders

Start by measuring the openings you wish to enclose by the daylight opening, width & height.

• Measure height at 3 places, left-middle-right, and take the smallest measurement (see Image 1)
• Measure width at 3 places, bottom-middle-top and take the smallest measurement (see Image 2)
• Deduct 1/8th of an inch, from daylight opening width and height for correct fit


When the windows arrive handle the boxes with care.  If using an exacto knife to slit the strapping be careful not to cut the vinyl or the screens.

Each window will arrive labelled with its dimensions, all windows have a 1″ flange around all four sides.  You will install the screws through the flange into the structure.  As a minimum use 1″ self-taping stainless steel screws, or pre-drill holes in flange and use regular screws.


Installation Instructions 

1 – Check for correct fit by testing each window in its appropriate space
2 – Apply a bead of exterior caulking onto back side of flange and square the window into opening
3 – Fasten 1st screw into bottom left corner through the flange and 2nd screw through top left corner
4 – Fasten 3rd screw into top right corner through the flange and 4th screw through bottom right corner
5 – Fasten at least 2 more screws through the flange on both sides between the top and bottom screws
6 – Depending on the width, fasten at least 1 screw centered through the top and bottom flange
7 – To improve the ease of raising and lowering the windows lightly spray silicone lube into the tracks
8 – Trim excess screen carefully with an exacto knife


Additional steps only for Inside Mount Windows

1 – Cut a piece of screen 3″ larger than the window frame
2 – Push the screen into the channel with the spline starting at the top of the window
3 – Use the spline roller to roll over the spline forcing it into the channel
4 – The spline will hold the screen in place as you work your way around the frame
5 – Start the spline across the top, then the right side, left side and finish at the bottom
6 – Keep screen pulled tight throughout the entire process
7 – If the screen is not tight enough remove spline from one area, pull the screen and reinsert spline
8 – Trim excess screen and spline around the edges carefully with an exacto knife



The window is too wide in the middle to fit in the opening.
The windows have some flexibility, and can be gently squeezed to fit into the opening.

My windows are not sliding easily.
Spray a small amount of silicone lube, not an oil product, onto the track.  Make sure to spray silicone on both sides of the track where the window springs touch.

My window won’t stay up, it keeps slipping down?
You have used too much silicone spray in the PVC track, simply wipe some off with a soft cloth.