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Rob & Robin Sands

My name is Rob, my wife (Robin) and I have installed Sunroom Solutions Non-Glass windows in our covered deck. We were looking to turn our deck into a 3 season room and were undecided on how to do this without giving up ventilation and still being able to see our dogs running around in the backyard.

We saw a house being renovated, that had a unique looking all in one screen/window system installed on their deck. I started doing some research on the internet and found your website Sunroom Solutions with the exact product we were looking for.

I contacted your sales department via e-mail and received a reply the next day. Brett Erickson from the Kitchener plant was quick to send me a quote (very affordable) of the the windows I supplied him dimensions for and also told me who the local retailer was that I could order from. Within 3 weeks I received my order exactly to the dimensions I supplied.

Thank-You Sunroom Solutions for manufacturing this product.

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