Vinyl Pane Windows

Vinyl pane windows are an innovative and less expensive alternative to glass. They are ideal for enclosing any outdoor area, protecting you from wind, rain, insects, snow, and allergens.


These durable, weather-resistant vinyl panels can be raised or lowered easily within their PVC tracks. The vinyl provides UV protection and a barrier to dirt, dust, and pollen.


Our three-season windows and doors are custom ordered, ensuring they will fit your openings. Enclosing an outdoor space adds value to your property by increasing the square footage and creating an ideal living space for you to enjoy.


A unique cottage with a large sunroom overlooking the lake



  • Innovative windows that are less expensive than glass

  • Lightweight for easy operation

  • Powder-coated aluminum frames with durable 10ml vinyl panes

  • Easily slide windows up or down for 75% ventilation

  • Spring-loaded frames for easy removal of window panes

  • 10-year manufacturer warranty




Quality Square Footage

A sunroom offers an extension to your home or cottage. This quality square footage will be the most sought-after space to enjoy. It grants an outdoor experience that everyone will appreciate. Inviting you to sit back, relax and unwind without the interruption of insects. 


The flexibility of this product is unsurpassed; in seconds, you can transform your screened room into a protected enclosure. When the weather turns cool, wet, or windy, slide the panels closed for protection. Closing the panels creates a space to keep you and your belongings clean and dry. 


A rustic sunroom interior with beautiful view of the lake and a stone stacked fireplace

Window Options

Vinyl Pane Windows feature heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frames and durable 10 mil vinyl panes.  This lightweight product is designed to make the installation process a breeze.


We offer three different window options to meet your needs. Vertical and Horizontal Sliding Panels feature vinyl pane sliders and screens for protection from insects. 


Fixed Panel windows are ideal for hard-to-reach locations, unusual shaped spaces, or triangular windows.  Fixed panels don't include sliders as they are fixed vinyl panes.

An example of a window with horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, and a fixed panel

Exterior Door Options

Our exterior doors add the final touch to any outdoor space.  They tie together the design of your room and provide a layer of added protection.


They are heavy-duty doors with powder-coated aluminum frames, a lockable door handle, deadbolt, and an outdoor threshold for your convenience. All of our doors are custom-fit, pre-hung to your specifications, and designed for easy installation.





The durability of Vinyl Pane Windows is unsurpassed.  The vinyl can be kicked,
hit or punched and within seconds it returns to its original shape.


It can withstand winds up to 120 km/h and temperatures of -40 degrees celsius.


In the event of a tear in your vinyl, a replacement piece can be inexpensively purchased and easily repaired.

Adding a Heat Source

Extend the time you spend outdoors by adding heat to your sunroom.  A heat source transforms this three season room into one you can enjoy when the temperature drops.  There are many options to condsider, our favourite being a fireplace, heated floors or space heaters.  


While the heat is on, these non-insulated windows are able to retain some warmth, allowing you to stay outdoors longer. 


Curl up with a book or entertain friends and family in front of a warm fire.  A sunroom is the perfect place to watch the seasons change.

A white home with vinyl pane windows overlooking the lake in the fall



Maintaining these windows is a breeze.  Our vinyl panels windows are spring-loaded and can be removed with ease. 


Cleaning is complete by simply wiping down the front and back of each window pane with a soft cloth and water. 


Once they are wiped clean, dry both sides with a soft towel and put them back in place, do not use ammonia, bleach, or chlorine-based cleaning solutions.