Sunroom Solutions


Why Choose Vinyl Pane Windows?
Our vinyl pane windows are an ideal way of enclosing any outdoor area.  They provide protection from wind, rain, insects, allergens, and the sun.  This product offers the flexibility of either a screened room retreat or a protected enclosure allowing you to extend the enjoyment of the outdoor seasons.


How Are They Constructed?
Our windows are constructed with powder-coated aluminum frames that surround our heavy duty, lightweight sliding window panels. Our flexible vinyl pane windows feature durable weather-resistant, 10 mil vinyl panes that can be quietly raised or lowered with ease in our PVC track.  The durability of the vinyl is unsurpassed.  If the vinyl is stretched or dented it will return to its original shape in seconds.


Benefits Of Vinyl Pane Windows
This innovative product offers you an inexpensive alternative to glass windows.  Our non-glass vinyl windows are a popular choice for renovations as they are durable, lightweight and easy to install.  Our customized approach ensures that your enclosure will be one of a kind, offering you the ability to choose the exact dimensions of your windows.
These windows have the ability to provide up to 75% air flow when open and offer protection from the elements when closed.  Our windows are an easy way to add value to your home, cottage or gazebo by increasing the square footage and providing visual appeal.  The end result is always a beautiful and comfortable retreat that you can enjoy.


Can Sunrooms Be Used In The Winter?
Our windows block out wind, rain, sun and snow.  Most customers comfortably enjoy their sunroom for at least 3 seasons of the year.  For the cooler months, you can consider adding a space heater, heated floors or a fireplace for additional comfort.


What Is The Difference Between Vertical Sliders and Horizontal Sliders?
Vertical Slider windows slide up and down to open and close and provide up to 75% ventilation.  Horizontal Sliders slide from left to right and provide up to 50% ventilation.


What Are Fixed Panels?
Fixed panels are custom sized windows that don’t include the sliding panels or screen.  They are ideal for hard to reach locations, unusual shaped spaces or triangular shaped windows.  These windows are custom sized and are colour matched to our other window products.  They are constructed with the same heavy duty powder coated frames enclosing our lightweight 10 mil vinyl panes.


How Do You Clean These Windows?
Mix a pail of lukewarm water and a mild detergent like Woolite.  Simply wipe the front and back of each window pane with a soft cloth.  Once they are wiped clean, dry both sides with a soft towel and put them back in place.  Do not use ammonia, bleach or chlorine-based cleaning solutions.


Can You Completely Remove The Window Portion To Achieve 100% Ventilation?
Yes, all of our panels are spring loaded and can be removed with ease to achieve a 100% screen opening.  Our spring-loaded panels offer you the most convenient option for removing the window panes.  Simply pop the panels out to enjoy a 100% screened enclosure.


Why Are Spring Loaded Panels A Better Option?
Originally our manufacturer offered both spring loaded windows and windows that slid up and down with a pin system.  Through years of experience, it was confirmed that spring loaded panels are the most reliable option.  Pin systems were more problematic and didn’t offer the same longevity.  We exclusively offer spring-loaded panels as it is a superior product that our customers can trust.


How Flexible Is The Vinyl?
The flexible vinyl can withstand many disturbances, kicking, punching etc.  If the flexible vinyl becomes distorted it will return to its regular shape within seconds.  In the event of a tear in your vinyl, a replacement piece can be inexpensively purchased and easily repaired.  This innovative product is ideal for those who have children or live near a golf course.


Who Can Install These?
We provide an “Installation” video on our video tab as well as simple instructions to follow on our product page.  If you are unprepared for a do-it-yourself project, contact your local dealer to assist in the process.  In most cases, an average 10 x 10 room with a roof structure would take 6-8 hours to install based on the window openings being framed ahead of time.  Our product is well designed to make the installation process easy and inexpensive.


What Is The Difference Between Inside And Outside Mount Windows?
Inside mount windows are typically used in highrise buildings or on second story homes or cottages.  It is a convenient option for installers who do not have the ability to install them from the outside of the building.  Inside mount windows have the flange on the inside of the window.
Outside mount windows are installed from the exterior of the building and have the flange on the outside of the room.


Is There A Warranty?
Our manufacturer provides a limited 10-year non-transferable warranty.  Click the link below which will take you directly to the warranty details.
Manufacturers Warranty